It is necessary to establish a simple test procedure intended to verify and document the SWC generator performance prior to its use for these tests. Two verification tests shall be defined:

a) SWC waveform validity tests
b) SWC test generator performance verification

Waveform validity tests
The waveform validity tests shall be performed before and after each SWC test session, with the results recorded and included with the SWC test report. The tests described are intended to verify that there is no major insulation breakdown, damage, or test system component failure that may have occurred during the physical test setup, test application, or prolonged instrument storage.

The waveform validity tests shall include

a) Measuring system feedthrough test
b) Oscillatory SWC test generator open circuit voltage waveform test
c) Fast transient SWC test generator open circuit voltage waveform test

Measurement methods different from those described in the Annex A are acceptable, as long as the same level of precision and the same parameters are used to document the results.

SWC test generator performance verification
A full set of SWC test generator characteristics shall be verified as per manufacturer’s recommendations or at least once every year, with the test results dated, recorded, and included with each SWC test report. These tests are intended to precisely document the test generator characteristics and are used to track the SWC generator’s compliance with this standard.

The characteristics to be verified are given in Table 1.

Table 1—Test generator characteristics to be verified
Fast transient Oscillatory waveform
Rise time Rise time of the first peak
Peak voltage level (no load) Peak voltage level (no load)
Output impedance Output impedance
Impulse duration Waveform envelope decay
n/a Oscillation frequency
Repetition rate during the burst Repetition rate
Burst duration n/a
Burst period n/a
Test duration Test duration

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