The common term for describing the subject of this site is power quality; however, it is actually the quality of the voltage that is being addressed in most cases.

Technically, in engineering terms, power is the rate of energy delivery and is proportional to the product of the voltage and current.

It would be difficult to define the quality of this quantity in any meaningful manner. The power supply system can only control the quality of the voltage; it has no control over the currents that particular loads might draw.

Therefore, the standards in the power quality area are devoted to maintaining the supply voltage within certain limits.

AC power systems are designed to operate at a sinusoidal voltage of a given frequency [typically 50 or 60 hertz (Hz)] and magnitude. Any significant deviation in the waveform magnitude, frequency, or purity
is a potential power quality problem.

Of course, there is always a close relationship between voltage and current in any practical power system. Although the generators may provide a near-perfect sine-wave voltage, the current passing through the impedance of the system can cause a variety of disturbances to the voltage.

For example,
1. The current resulting from a short circuit causes the voltage to sag or disappear completely, as the case may be.

2. Currents from lightning strokes passing through the power system cause high-impulse voltages that frequently flash over insulation and lead to other phenomena, such as short circuits.

3. Distorted currents from harmonic-producing loads also distort the voltage as they pass through the system impedance. Thus a distorted voltage is presented to other end users.

Therefore, while it is the voltage with which we are ultimately concerned, we must also address phenomena in the current to understand the basis of many power quality problems.

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